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How to sex the kenyan sand boa watch online

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How to sex the kenyan sand boaParadox Albino Paradox Snow Sand boas are a small sized snake that is fairly easy to care for in captivity. Quite secretive, they spend a lot of time hiding. They are predominately an ambush predator, lying hidden in sand or dirt until a rodent or lizard passes by. Occasionally they will hunt rodent nests to eat the young. Sand boas are nocturnal, most active at night.Characteristics. • The Kenyan sand boa is a heavy-looking reptile with a blunt head, small eyes, and a thick, short body. Its belly is white or cream colored and its. I know you?re probably getting sick of all my Kenyan sandboa questions. I just have a quick question--my babies are two weeks old tomorrow and they?re sold to a friend of mine that owns a pet store. Popping a male sand boa baby: This is illustrated by the closeup view of the cloaca. Kenyan sand boa - sexing. Finding the sex of Kenyan sand boas is not difficult. The difference between males and females is quite easy to see. It takes a little...the end of the story look at the video above ↑ ↑ ↑

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How to sex the kenyan sand boa
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